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Driven by our love of all things old and interesting we created Brocante Revival.

Most of our stock is vintage, but we like modern too. Our ethos is old and new work well together - in fact sometimes they complement each other.

A new vase, for instance, in a period country cottage works if presented right, or a beautiful antique piece in a modern home can be the stand out focal point that adds character to your home.

We are essentially an online business but Brocante Revival can be found at Gallery No 2 Truro.

So, whatever you are looking for, please browse our pages. 

Our stock changes on a regular basis so if you are looking for something specific, contact us below.   It may be that we just haven’t listed the piece you have been searching for - it could be next on the list.Trio of haystack copper jugs - currently in stock

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If you have any questions please just call us.